IridiumGo Unlimited

Thought I would share my experiences from purchasing an IridiumGo Unlimited subscription last year when we planned to sail to Shetland and Scotland. Since I have been a customer to CTV Service for many years purchasing electronic charts and some other communication equipment such an IridiumGo, it was easy to contact them in this matter as well. They offered an unlimited subscription and the only option according to CTV Service was a 12-month subscription with a monthly cost of 155 USD.

At that time I wasn’t aware of the fact that VAT would be added to that amount (it’s stated in the last paragraph of the agreement). Since other providers could supply subscriptions that can be paused I assumed that it was the same with this subscription. When the summer was over I contacted CTV Service and asked them to pause the subscription and the response was that it wasn’t possible. I replied that it was possible with subscriptions from other providers and they asked me to show them proof of that. I sent them a couple of web-links and they replied that they wasn’t convinced, sigh!
In January this year I asked them one more time to terminate the subscription with the same references to other providers and finally they agreed.

When writing this blog post (February 2019), I checked the CTV Service web-site and it was still NOT possible to purchase SIM-cards without a subscription.

So if you are about to purchase an IridiumGo unlimited subscription, you should know this.

  • You can buy the SIM-cards separate from the actual subscription.
  • You select the kind of subscription you want when it’s time to use the IridiumGo (prepaid minutes or post paid unlimited with one month of termination) and then you have to provide the ID of SIM-card that should be used and the IMEI-number of the IridiumGo device you should use.
  • It’s cheaper to buy a new SIM-card than reactivating an already used SIM-card. If you plan to use the IridiumGo periodically, buy several SIM-cards at the same time since the freight cost is relatively high. The drawback is different phone numbers and maybe different Iridium e-mail with each new SIM-card.
  • VAT will be added to the advertised cost of the subscription. It’s clearly stated at both PredictWind and Cordland.