Atlantic crossing 2019, last week

10-12-2019, 16º 03.901N 52º 18.597W
Tired of the rolly wing on wing sailing

Today we had enough of the rolly sailing wing on wing with sails flapping hard now and then. We are now reaching and zick zacking along the route. Much more stable boat and easier to be on board now and we can also get more sleep. For the moment we prioritize comfort over a shorter time at sea. Think there is less strain on the boat as well since reaching creates a more constant pressure on the sails and rigging gear.
Today we had nice and sunny weather and more wind than yesterday. Think we will arrive in Saint Lucia on Saturday.

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Atlantic crossing 2019, second week

02-12-2019, 19º 26.032N 29º 40.678W
In the trade winds

Last night we got a couple of hours of wind above 10 knots, after that, it was a night with flapping sails and bad sleep due to all noise generated by the sails. Now we are below 20 degrees north and where the trade winds begin to blow mainly from NE and it is now around 15 knots and we begin to see larger swell. I have started to finish up the first videos from our trip down to the Canary Islands.

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