Porto Santo

4 september 2019

Idag lämnar vi Cascais för tre dagars segling till Porto Santo, en liten ö norr om Madeira. Vi har ingen aning om hur länge vi kommer stanna där, det får visa sig, beroende på hur vi trivs. Till slut blev det två väldigt sköna veckor.

Today we leave Cascais for three days sailing to Porto Santo, a small island north of Madeira. We have no idea how long we will stay there, it may turn out. In the end, we stayed two weeks, and it was two very nice weeks.

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Lisbon and Sweden

29 juli 2019

Vi lämnade Porto igår och hade en bra segling hit till Lissabon. Lite dimma, vi är ju i Portugal :), men också möjlighet att sätta vår nya gennaker igen. Provade även fiskelyckan, men tyvärr, ingen fångst idag heller.

We left Porto yesterday and had a good sailing to Lisbon. A little fog, we are in Portugal :), but also the opportunity to use our new gennaker again. Tried the fishing luck too, but unfortunately, no catch today either.

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Porto and its port wine :)

22 juli 2019

Mot Portugal! Har länge velat åka dit, men det har aldrig blivit av. Vem har inte hört talas om hur fantastisk Lissabon är. Kusten däremot har inte det bästa ryktet i seglarkretsar. Den är mest känd för två saker….. dimma och fiskenät!

Towards Portugal! Have wanted to go there for a long time, but it never got off. Who hasn’t heard of how amazing Lisbon is. The coast, on the other hand, does not have the best reputation in sailing circles. It is best known for two things ….. fog and fishing net!

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Swell in Porto

July 25, 2019

During our stay in Porto a low pressure with winds up to 40-50 knots, was moving NE some 500 M off the coast of Portugal on Wednesday July 24. During the afternoon the day after the passage, a 3-4 m swell from the low pressure reach Douro river and as long as the tidal level was low, the harbor wasn’t affected that much. I think the swell loose energy on the 6 m river bar. However, when the tidal level increased (approx with 2 m) during the evening, more and more swell pass the bar. There was no visible waves in the harbor, the only visible sign of the swell was that Sally and the other boats start dancing with the finger pontoon it was docked at. Continue reading “Swell in Porto”