IridiumGo Unlimited

Thought I would share my experiences from purchasing an IridiumGo Unlimited subscription last year when we planned to sail to Shetland and Scotland. Since I have been a customer to CTV Service for many years purchasing electronic charts and some other communication equipment such an IridiumGo, it was easy to contact them in this matter as well. They offered an unlimited subscription and the only option according to CTV Service was a 12-month subscription with a monthly cost of 155 USD. Continue reading “IridiumGo Unlimited”

Wind, sun, speed and electricity

Today there are a lot of equipment that makes life easier onboard and most of it require electricity. So the boat need equipment that produce electricity. Sally produce electricity when the main enginge or genset is running. We plan to have some solar panels and it would be nice to also be able to get electricity from the wind when sailing or at anchor.

To reduce the amount of installations we would check the option of having a generator that either can use the wind while at anchor or be converted to use the speed of the boat while sailing, like the Duo Gen does.

Since there is no davits or other arrangement where we can put some solar panels we are investigating other options, like having them on the sides of the aft part of the guardrail. Have seen solutions with a stainless tube on the wire and the solar fixed to the tube.

Modern engines and fuel

During our preparation for our adventure, I have come across articles that says that modern diesel engines like the Volvo Penta D3110i in Sally, are sensitive to the quality and of the fuel and don’t like the tiniest amount of water or fuel bugs. It seems that it’s not enough to use the standard 10 micron fuel filter and since we don’t want engine problems in a critical situation we plan to

  • use a Racor fuel funnel to filter the fuel before it goes into the tank
  • put some diesel bug eliminator in the tank when the fuel is about to get old
  • use 4 micron fuel filters in the pre filter system since there is a spare filter that is easy to switch over to
  • do periodic check of the fuel filters
  • regularly check the fuel from the bottom of the diesel tank to see if  there is water or dirt and pump it out if needed

So in theory it seems possible to get clean fuel to the engine as long as the diesel is of reasonable good quality and that I don’t know how to check…