Through the Kiel canal

After several hours of waiting, they got a small place for us in the lock. Last boat in behind a tugboat, next to a cargo boat and the lock gate that was closed just behind our stern. A very stressful situation the first time we are in a lock with large cargo ships.

The lock in Kiel into to canal

Even though the cargo boat was not very big, we felt very small. But everything went well and we came out of the lock unscathed and into the canal.

Locking into the Kiel Canal

Along the approximately 100 km long canal, it was lush and green with large trees. There were footpaths on both sides with a lot of people walking. Calm and peaceful, and in the middle of this you meet …

We made a stop about halfway, in Rendsburg, where we stayed two nights. It was a city we liked. Some small towns you visit feel deserted, many shops closed, dilapidated houses and you feel that it is a depopulated area you have ended up in, like Stubbeköping in Denmark. But Rendsburg was just the opposite. A lively square, a cozy shopping street with a ”bakery” in every street corner. There must be plenty of bakers in Germany. In addition, there was a very nice and large park right next to the center.

The feels short with many new impressions and often end with a good dinner on the boat:)

Then we continued on the canal to Brunnsbüttel where we docked right next to the lock towards the Elbe. Tomorrow, a lock awaits, and then we are out to the Elbe and the North Sea.

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