Our plan

Since I have managed more than one software project over the years, I have applied some of that knowledge to this ”project” 😊
So, here is a short overview of the project ”With SV Sally around the world”.


  • Live our Dream


  • Visit new places
  • Get to know new people
  • Share experiences and knowledge with others
  • Learn something new each day

Overall plan

  • 2018-Q2; Work and planning
  • 2018-Q3; Cruise to Norway and Denmark
  • 2018-Q4; Work and preparations
  • 2019-Q1; Work and more preparations
  • 2019-Q2; Bon Voyage and start the journey
  • 2019-Q3; Sail to Canary Island
  • 2019-Q4; Cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean
  • 2020-Q2; Decide to stay in the Caribbean since Covid-19 made it hard to travel
  • 2021-Q2; Sail back to Europe via the Acores
  • 2021-Q3; Sail in southern Europe until the pandemic is over
  • 2022-Q3; Cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean?
  • 2023-Q2; Sail to the USA or the Pacific via Panama?