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We are a Swedish couple with a dream to sail around our blue planet and a couple of years ago we decided to really do it!

The journey started May 19, 2019, and the first goal is still to sail to the Caribbean via the Canary Islands during this year. During the last winter, we have been busy preparing Sally and us for this adventure.

If you like sailing and traveling, we hope you will get inspiration from what we share on the site and on our social media channels as ”Sailing Sally”.

Welcome to share our adventure

Jonas and Carina



I grew up in Västerås, not by the sea but well at one of the largest lakes in Sweden, Mälaren. Every summer was spent in the ”cottage” on Östra Holmen, where we went in the grandpa’s small motorboat. Regardless of the weather, there were always a lot of swimming and fishing trips. Being in, on, or near water was of course.

As an adult, there was a lot of windsurfing, like many others in the 70s and 80s. You will probably remember if you are 50+ 😊 After joining friends’ sailboats on some occasions, I thought that sailing seemed to be fun, and wanted to learn it from scratch, so one summer I attended a dinghy sailing course for adults and got stuck and planned to buy at least a ”Stortriss” (a small sailing boat) the next summer.

But before then I had met Jonas and life took a new turn. I moved to Stockholm, Child No. 1 arrived quite soon, and we bought our first sailing boat, a Maxi 77. What a perfect first family boat it was. During 10 beautiful summers, we discovered every place in the archipelago between Stockholm, Åland, and Västervik. By then we have 3 kids and the boat became too small.

Meanwhile, the dream of longer sailing had come, and we started to plan. When can we get away, what boat do we want, what can we afford, etc. more education to do. Will I ever use a sextant and navigate by the stars? Yes, in theory, I can do it 😊

My professional life consists of two parts. I have had a good time with both, though they have been very different. First 20 years as a preschool teacher, and then 17 years in the same company as Jonas, with HR and environmental policy as duties.

And now I’m here, hopefully soon on my way, and with many new questions in my head!


I grew up in Västervik (Ostkustens Pärla) and had the privilege to live with a view over the sea. Early in my life, I realized that the sea can look very different depending on the weather and time of the year; glittery blue and inviting a sunny summer day, dark and unwelcoming a windy November day, or like a big white plain a sunny day In February.

During my youth, I learned to sail and navigate in the archipelago around Västervik (a small town in the archipelago of the Baltic Sea). 15 years old, I bought a Mirror-dinghy for the money I earned during the summer and built it during the winter. The next summer I sailed in my first own boat, think I have sailed every summer since then.

During the years, there have been several courses on various nautical topics and the last one was the Skeppare VIII, I think it can be compared to a Yacht-master Coastal.

Aged 20, I moved to Stockholm to study Electrical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology and after 4 years of studies started to work as a software developer. It was at this time Carina came into my life and we have lived together since then.

Meanwhile, we began to dream about sailing around the world together, and now it’s about to be a reality!


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