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Night sailing to Lagos

We sail the last leg to Lagos without stopping on the way. It is about 120 distance minutes (220 km) there and we can set a course directly to Lagos, there are no obstacles on the way. We adapt the route a bit according to how […]

Do not miss Cadiz, part 2

We have spent a few days exploring the northern part of Cadiz and now it’s time to take us to the southern parts and the long beach with all the big houses along the beach, in the distance it looks like Copacabana beach in Rio de […]

Do not miss Cadiz, part 1

The only expectation I had of Cadiz was to sit at the same bar as James Bond did in the movie Die Another Day and sip on a Vodka Martini while Carina, wearing a bikini, comes walking towards me after taking a dip at La Caleta […]

To Cadiz

The next place we want to visit before we sail back to Lagos is Cadiz, one of the oldest cities in Europe dating back to the 13th century BC. But first, we have to cross the Strait of Gibraltar when the conditions are right. Because we […]

La Linea and Gibraltar

We stay a few days in Spanish La Lìnea, right on the border with Gibraltar. Here, our bikes come in handy because the Alcaidesa Marina is located some distance from shops and restaurants. The bikes mean that in these few days we have time to visit […]

Night sailing to Gibraltar

After three weeks in Almerimar, it’s time to say goodbye and return to Lagos. We plan to stay in Alcadeisa (near Gibraltar) and Cadiz on the way back. The first stage goes directly to Gibraltar where it is about 135 nautical miles and we expect that […]

Wind-bound in Alemerimar

When we return from the trip to Granada, a storm is blowing from the southwest and the waves crash into the beach and splash over the pier that protects the port of Almerimar. At the entrance to the harbor, the waves break in several meters high […]

Trip to Granada, part 2

We have slept well at Hotel Anacapri and wake up rested to the sun shining from a clear blue sky outside the window. First hotel breakfast awaits, then an intense day awaits in Granada. After breakfast, we head to the Albacain district, which has been a […]

Trip to Granada, part 1

The Sierra Nevada mountain range and the city of Granada are relatively close to Almerimar and we want to take the opportunity to experience both places for the nature experience and feel the wings of history in Granada, a city dating back to Roman times.

Towards Almerimar, part 2

After a few days in Del Este, the wind becomes favorable for further sailing towards Almerimar. Unfortunately, the wind is light and we have to use the engine again along the Spanish south coast with alternating beaches and rocky coast.

A trip to Nerja

We have read that one of the world’s largest stalactite caves is nearby, at Nerja which is 20 km west along the coast. We also plan to take the opportunity to visit Nerja, an old fishing village that has been transformed into a holiday paradise.

Towards Almerimar, part 1

It’s time to leave Estepona and continue into the Mediterranean. The next port we will stay a little longer in is Almerimar and we have planned to divide that stretch into three-day stages via Fuengirola and Del Este.

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