Borkum town

After a day of rest, especially for Jonas who took the whole night sailing down here, we make a bike trip to Borkum city. The only one on the island. What a wonderfully nice summer town it was.

Small cozy houses mixed with large beautiful white buildings, a long fine sandy beach, and a beach promenade,

and of course, there are several ”bäckereis”

We think it’s a miniature concert hall. We see music stands, chairs, and speakers in the house, and several speakers on the outside facing the promenade. Nice idea in any case.

The cycling back to the port was in tailwind 🙂 Back and forth, it was over 10 miles of much-needed exercise.

As a sailor, you must be prepared to change your plans all the time. If we start sailing tomorrow morning as we intended, we will probably not make it to Ijmuiden (near Amsterdam) before the wind turns in the wrong direction again. Since wind and current are right now tonight, we will leave already at. 22.30 this evening and makes another night sailing. We expect to arrive late afternoon in tailwind instead. Towards Amsterdam ……

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