To IJmuiden

We arrive at IJmuiden at 5 pm and two large cruise ships are moored in the estuary opposite the marina we are on our way to. It is a large marina with plenty of places and it looks like it has been excavated just behind the beach on the south side in the mouth of the waterway IJ. IJ leads into Amsterdam and the water IJmeer which is part of the large embankment that exists in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, there are no places to dock with the side, so it must be between poles and towards a low floating bridge. For that, I will not jump down from the bow and risk femur fractures, or fiddle with a ladder to climb on, we choose to back in for the first time.

It’s going great! Jonas is great at handling the boat in tight situations. There I have a little to train on. I’m better at ropes, ropes, and jumping ashore in all sorts of situations. But this time I did not have to jump, it was just a short step from our bathing platform in the stern of the boat to the bridge.

The next day the weather is a bit bad, so we stay on the boat. We did some cleaning, laundry, writing for the blog, conversations with loved ones at home, etc. It’s time for an engine service with a replacement of the engine’s fuel filter. It is difficult to reach it and it is easy to spill diesel. None of us like diesel scent in the boat, preferably not Carina, so it is important to have a lot of paper underneath that can catch the spill.

Tomorrow on Sweden’s national day, it will be sunny and nice, so then we will take a bus to Amsterdam, about 30 km inland.

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