To Dunkerque

We leave Zeebrugge and Belgium early in the morning for a short motor ride of about 5 hours to Dunkirk in France. And yet there is no heat!


Belgium has a short coastline towards the sea, but no small cozy villages here.wm-20190615-072600.jpg

We get a good place along the dock at a nice boat club in Dunkirk, and now the time difference is starting to get big.

Same post as the picture above!


When we sailed to Poland and Germany earlier this summer, we have seen how they cherished the memory of their fallen in war, especially in World War II, with memorials and museums. This is also the case in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. No one knows for sure how many dogs as a result of the war, but the number most mentioned is an unimaginable 60 million, half soldiers and half civilians.


No other war has claimed so many victims. Since Sweden did not take an active part in the war, I think we often forget what was required of others so that today we can live in a free country, and how fragile our democracy and freedom of speech can be. Feels grateful to many.

In Dunkirk, we went to the Operation Dynamo Museum. At the turn of the month May-June 1940, the English and French were cut off and trapped on the beach at Dunkirk and Churchill decided to evacuate his soldiers. Battleships, cargo ships, recreational boats, fishing boats, all boats they got hold of were used. A total of 338,226 British and French soldiers were evacuated. Of course, many films have been made about this, and I can recommend Dunkirk from 2017, it is really good. Do you like the theme of war, resistance movement, etc. so we have also seen the series Das Boot, which is available on SvtPlay right now, it’s great!

Bunkers in the dunes. Here the soldiers sought refuge.

You can make art out of everything. Here mirror glass on an old bunker.


Jonas is happy with his first ice cream. It’s one of our hottest days, but you see the beach behind, completely empty. So no swimming today.

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