To Boulogne-sur-Mer

We leave Dunkirk at 05.30 to make it during the day to Boulogne-sur-Mer. We stay there for four nights and over midsummer eve.

We walk around the ”old town” inside thick walls. Dress for the first time 🙂

Going down into the crypt under their Notre – Dame.

Eat delicious mussels again, this time with Roquefort cheese. I love trying new flavors, and they have so many varieties of their mussels here in Belgium and France. Have also eaten with coconut milk, lemongrass, and chili, it was yummy.

And the French baguettes, so good. Not at all like home.

The herring is out of stock for us, so on Midsummer’s Eve we go out and eat instead. We are met by streets that are closed for traffic, tables and chairs on the streets, loud music, and a lot of people. Fun, something’s going on! In the main square, they have set up a large stage that we see through the window of our restaurant, and just in time for us to sit down and eat, the first artist walks up, it’s an Elvis copy. He sings all of Elvis’ songs and only stops when we pay the bill. Absolutely ok music for the food 🙂

For lack of herring and schnapps, we take this instead. I think oysters are probably overrated. They go down, but are they good ???

When we come out of the restaurant, the streets are filled with lots of people, and there is a band on every street corner. It seems that every other café / pub has hired musicians without thinking about whether the neighbor has also done so. So in some places, you hear at least three different bands playing. It’s everything from rock a la Springsteen, reggae, techno, disco, singing girls, all in a single loud mess. Wonderful simply !!

Most wonderful to see, was probably all these young people standing in front of a wall of speakers and dancing to a loud loud bass. I felt in the whole body even though I was far away! French people can do this with music festivals.

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