City of Brest, fishing net and dolphins

We leave Cherbourg at 10 o’clock and it’s calm, which it will be most of the time all the way to Brest a day later. So the engine has to work for many hours this time.

But it starts with Jonas hearing that the engine sounds different, and thinks there is some vibration in the boat that is not usually there. I do not notice anything, but of course, he is right, it turns out. Jonas and my mother are the same, they can hear the slightest change in an engine sound. We lower our GoPro camera to film the propeller, and you can clearly see that something is stuck.

So it will be the first sea dip, in 15 degrees, for Jonas 🙂 Luckily we have wetsuits, and that it is so calm so diving under the boat goes well.

In the evening the best happens. Dolphins! They swim and jump next to us and in front of the bow of the boat. One right in front so you think we will sail on it, and the other two next to it. So they swap places with each other in a flash, so everyone, in turn, can be the one who swims a few decimetres in front of the bow. Probably the most fun place.

During our sailings, there are many beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and you can not have too many pictures of them. Or how Lennart 🙂

Sweaty, sweaty sweaty, is the only way to describe the first day in Brest. That was exactly the day France set a new heat record with over 45 degrees, even though we ”only” had 36 degrees in the shade, and that day we chose to cycle 1 mile. We needed to order and buy some things for the boat, and to be sure of getting it delivered before we left again, it could not wait. And of course the shops were not close to our port

The evening was fantastic. Such a wonderfully balmy evening and we could sit outside until after midnight in shorts and underwear. The next morning we woke up to 21 degrees and cold north wind! Everything as usual again then.

Brest has a beautiful city center with large beautiful white houses in a functional style. Because the style is so uniform, we wonder if the city was bombed and most rebuilt during the same era. We’ll have to check it out sometime later. The main street is reminiscent of Gothenburg Avenue with trams and slightly sloping up towards, not Götaplatsen, but rather Place de Liberté.

We rent a car for two days. Visiting some smaller villages along the coast and Jonas can never get enough of rocks, headlands, and forts 🙂

It’s hard to know exactly what to order when you can not speak French. For today’s lunch, Jonas got some form of potato buns with i.a. chèvre and ham, and then a vanilla ice cream scoop!

I ordered crepes with chèvre, got a little easier as you can see, but good.

They must love hydrangeas here because they grow everywhere both wildly and in gardens. Right now they are blooming amazingly.

Of course, we went to the city not to be missed in Brittany, Saint-Malo. Sure it was beautiful, and fun to have been here, but oh so many tourists. The busloads outside the walls took turns.

After 6 hours of driving, Jonas was so happy when he got a refreshing Aperol Spritz at home on the boat.

Tonight I have prepared food for two days of sailing, and Jonas has activated our satellite phone etc. all to prepare us for the journey across the Bay of Biscay tomorrow.

If you like, you can easily follow where we are here from the blog. Go to About and then Position, and you will be linked to a weather page where our itinerary and position can be seen. But if you use a tablet, you have to be fast, the submenu under About disappears quickly, and it usually takes a few times before you learn and hit Position. We do not know why this is so, but we’ll see if it can be fixed.

Hear when we arrive in La Coruna.

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