Costa da Morte or Coast of death

The northwest corner of Spain, north of Portugal with a coast to the Atlantic, is called Costa da Morte. It is easy to understand when you see these cliffs and know that it often blows hard just around the corner up here. Many old ships have been lost here.


The coast is lined with bays (rias) that provide good protection. Inside the coves there are usually several small villages, and with the prevailing stable north wind we are looking for shelter on the north side of the rias. The first village we add to is Corme, where we sway anchors for the first time. Of course, it’s Sally in the background.

Nice to avoid the jetty and close neighbors for a while. Once we have turned around the corner and sailed south towards Portugal, there will be even more and deeper bays, even a little archipelago, so we now plan to sway anchor a few weeks ahead, and just enjoy the tranquility.

Jonas sketches improvements to our bimini (sun protection over the cockpit) and a targa bow. Don’t you know what it is, there will be pictures when it is ready 🙂 We will try to get it done during our weeks in Las Palmas where there are plenty of companies that do such things.

Then it’s time to get into Corme and see what the village has to offer. The dinghy is easily pulled up a short distance on a beach inside the harbor. But it was a little harder to pull it down when we got home 🙂 This tide!

Corme was a quiet village, and the most fun we found were these houses. What to do if the property is only a few meters wide? Of course, build on height! Or if you have a small triangular property? One floor up you can always extend the house over the sidewalk. They are creative, and I would like to see the red house inside.

As usual, we found a very nice restaurant for lunch as well. Four dishes to share, and then a little ice cream 🙂


We stayed two nights outside Corme, then we sailed on to the next bay and Camariñas. The weather and the winds are finally starting to get in my taste, and we usually have great sailing. Smooth sailing at a good speed and no, or only small waves, and sun.

We go to anchored here too, and then visit the town for a light lunch 🙂

The next day we take the dinghy for a trip along the river that opened into the bay. Looks a bit like home sometimes, until you see the buildings.

The evening ends with a thrilling series on TV.


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