A month on Gomera

28 September

Leaves beautiful La Palma. The island is amazing, but despite the nice staff, we are not so fond of the port of Santa Cruz. It is located on the rainy side of the island, swell in harbor, is completely separated from city and street life (which some may think is positive), and few other sailors to talk to because no one lives on their boats here. So one week is enough. If we return, we will probably try Tazarkorte next time.

We get a nice sailing towards Gomera, and it is always just as exciting to be on our way to a new place, you never know what awaits you. We hope we will enjoy it as we plan to stay at least 2 weeks. It turns out to be a whole month because we liked it there. Good and nice harbor, close to town and life without being disturbing, nice social pier with many boats that came and went, nice beach m.m. In addition, a beautiful island to visit.


In addition to just taking it easy, meeting lots of new people, many of whom will join ARC, we rent a car for a few days and explore the island. You have to do it everywhere 🙂 It was a Dacia this time.

Have never heard of that brand before, but it is said to have been a Romanian brand from the beginning, which is now owned by Renault. It was a little better than the car at La Palma anyway, and so fuel-efficient that we did not have to pay for gas for the first day because the meter did not move. Just like seasickness, I also easily get motion sickness, so I always drive, and Jonas reads the map and navigates. Feels pretty good on curvy roads

There are fantastic views, cool forests, and winding roads.

That the roads are as they are is easy to understand when you see this model of the island.

High up we see this … Mirador de Abrante

Yes, both Jonas and I both venture out. There will also be lunch there, with water for the driver.

Up on the plateau, the national park stretches out,

and you can clearly see how the fog with moisture covers the area.

Best to read too so you understand how it is connected. Love to learn new things every day, and on our long voyage, there will be an abundance of that thing. The brain is kept in trim from it as well:)

We do not relax every day, there will also be boat jobs. There are many things to prepare

Twice I left Jonas alone on the boat and thought he would miss me. But no, he was barely alone for a minute. There was always another boat inviting him for a beer or a sundowner, or he ”had to” invite back 🙂 But he also went on a hiking trip over the mountains along the coast.

I (Carina) took a trip to Las Palmas on Gran Canaria, where these three happy friends met up.

So glad they came here, even though they were a little unsure if I could connect or not. There was a lot of talk and laughter over a glass of wine (or two!) And many good dinners. Also rented a car here one day and drove over the mountains and ended with some nice hours at Mas Palomas.

I was also on a short trip home to Sweden. It will be a while before we see each other again, so wanted to get one last hug from children and grandchildren before we sail across the Atlantic.

After all, I think Jonas was a little happy when I was back. In addition, I had bought a small pancake slag from Sweden, so one night it was pancake chills:)

Thank you and goodbye from us

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