We leave tomorrow!!!!

Now is at 23:00, tomorrow the start is towards Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, and we are not ready yet. But at 12.30 tomorrow we will cross the starting line, be so sure 🙂

After leaving Gomera, we made a few quick stops in southern Tenerife (Galletas) and southern Gran Canaria (Posito Blanco) before arriving in Las Palmas. We have now been here for three weeks, three intense and very fun weeks. Everything has not gone completely according to plan, but luckily it was resolved at the last minute. The targa frame, which was to be manufactured during our first week here, was completed today at 17 !!! After that, Jonas has installed cables so we can get power from the solar panels that sit on the frame, and right now he is crawling in the engine compartment and servicing the power plant. He’s a little worried about the oil pump that seems to be pumping backward???? Yes, yes … the night is long.

We have bought food in abundance, had the boat up for washing and bottom painting, checked sails, fixed with the preventer, toilet seats (so they do not slide to the side when the boat heels), built separating walls in larger compartments, serviced the power plant and engine, etc., etc. boat fix, had inspection and security check from ARC, been to seminars, sundowns, parades, and parties. The atmosphere here in the marina among all the participants is fantastic and we have got to know lots of new people who we will surely meet many of in the Caribbean again.

If anyone is thinking that sailing across the Atlantic and participating in the ARC, so I really recommend it.

Then Johan joined us, so now everyone is here.

As you can see, it has been full, so no pictures this time, unfortunately.

If you want to follow us, our current position is here on the blog.

Until we hear again, here is a list of all the ports we added to during the trip down here to Las Palmas.

  1. Klintholm
  2. Stubbeköping
  3. Kiel
  4. Rendsburg
  5. Brunnsbuttel
  6. Cuxhafen
  7. Borkum
  8. Ijmuiden
  9. Zeebrugge
  10. Dunkerque
  11. Bologne sur Mer
  12. Cherbourg
  13. Brest
  14. La Coruna
  15. Corme
  16. Camarinas
  17. Muros
  18. Diverse vikar i Galicien
  19. Porto
  20. Lissabon
  21. Cascais
  22. Porto Santo
  23. Santa Cruz, La Palma
  24. San Sebastian, Gomera
  25. Galletas, Teneriffa
  26. Posito Blanco, Gran Canaria
  27. Las Palmas

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