Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Bequia

Since we started a little late to be able to sail to Bequia before it was dark, so we stay overnight outside Soufriere at The Pitons. We are in company with Flying Penguin who is also going to Bequia to celebrate Christmas together with other Swedish sailors. At Soufriere, the beach is steep and deep so we are moored at a buoy close to land. It feels like we are anchored right on the city street where they play reggae from giant speakers on the street, so it’s definitely the Caribbean we’ve come to.

On Christmas day we continue sailing to Bequia in the Grenadines. The Grenadines is a collection of smaller islands between Saint Vincent and Grenada with a lot of places to anchor, almost like an archipelago. The first anchoring is in Port Elizabeth on Bequia, where we can check in to Saint Vincent and celebrate Christmas together with other Swedish sailors.

As we approach Bequia, we are met by a lone man in a small RIB who takes several photos of us. When we anchored in the bay on Bequia, he visits the boat and offers us to buy the pictures. We buy the pictures that we think are best, it is not every day a professional photographer takes pictures when we sail in good wind

The Anchor Bay at Bequia is open to the west and has several fine beaches along the eastern side. We have anchored on the south beach and are close to a beach bar with good food and nice views. We can pull up the dinghy on the beach below the bar, this feels like the Caribbean we have dreamed about.

The fishermen deliver their catch to the restaurant directly on the beach below and there are some really big fish in the boat, I guess it is big Dorados.

We also do some hiking on the island. One goes to a bay on the outside of the island and it will be uphill and downhill before we arrive. The same thing on the way back, so we are really tired in the legs afterward. The bay has a fairly narrow beach and there are hotels along almost the entire beach and no restaurants or bars except at one of the hotels.

Another day we will try to go up the mountain south of the bay and find a steep road up to a clear-cut some distance up the mountain. There the road ends and we walk back since we are not dressed for hiking in terrain. Instead, we go up the mountain above the anchorage bay and look at the view and take a cold beer in a mini-market in the middle of the island. This hike gives me exercise pains in the legs, so it was useful then 🙂

On Christmas Day, a Swedish-inspired Christmas table is served at Pepe’s. Like many other Swedes, we have also booked a table there. There is some Christmas atmosphere with drinking songs and queues for the buffet table. Most of what is served is good, but we do not like the ”herring” and some other Swedish dishes cooked with Caribbean ingredients.

In the middle of the bay, there is a floating bar which is perfect for the ”sundowner”. The GT I order is so strong that I have to ask for extra tonic 🙂

It is a popular bay for cruise ships, large sailing, and motorboats. Sally looks small compared to a 40 m sailboat.

We snorkel at the headland north of the beach we anchored at. Unfortunately, the bottom vegetation is probably more or less dead and it is sparse with fish, we spotted a moraine with a big gap when we come too close to it.

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