Repairs on Sint-Maarten

We have planned to repair the furling mechanism in the mast since before the pandemic and now it’s finally time. The rig will be repaired by FKG so we have moved Sally to their jetty. We also managed to get the missing RO membrane for the watermaker.


Our watermaker has started to produce water with too high salinity, over 500 ppm and we have been drinking bottled water for the last month. Now I have got hold of two new RO membranes that I install. The result is above expectations, with new filters I can have a little lower pressure in the system and still get the same amount of water, but best of all is that the salt content is now below 200 ppm, almost in class with the bottled water that is around 100 ppm.

WC problem

The guest toilet also needed some caring, the check valve does not hold tight, and then the flushing water leaks back into the toilet seat, which is not good. I have to remove the toilet seat and remove the check valve to see what is wrong. It had been formed so-called. urine stone on the valve and it leaks. We have no spare part so I have to clean the existing one and mount it back. It became almost like new with no more leaks.

Rigg work

The change of furling motor in the mast is not completely without problems and they have to work with it all day. Two stainless steel bolts are stuck in the alloy, and there are very small margins when the new engine is to be mounted that make it difficult to put back all the bolts. During reassembly, they lubricate the stainless steel bolts with TefGel to prevent corrosion in the contact between aluminum and stainless steel.

They also replace the bracket that attaches the boom to the mast. The old has been worn abnormally when sailing across the Atlantic and we have got a new one from Selden with a different design of the lock to the mast. I also ask them to check if the pulleys in the mast have been worn. On Sally’s sister boat Jan’s rig they have to change pulleys after the Atlantic crossing, the holes in the pulleys had been worn abnormally much. On our mast, everything looked good.

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