New bimini with shaders

The original bimini for our boat has not worked so well. It was incorrectly sewn so that the fabric was not stretched up between the frames and water collects there when it rains. Water that leaks in through the middle seam and drips down on those in the cockpit. The bimini was also so high that it did not fit under the boom of the mainsail when sailing.

We have been in contact with Hallberg-Rassy who delivered the bimini and they have redone it once, but it continued to collect water and became even higher. Now they have agreed that we can sew a new bimini when we are in Las Palmas and that they will pay us the same as what new bimini costs to buy from them.

Some changes

We would like to be able to attach some form of detachable sun protection to the sides of the bimini and if possible make it a little more stable sideways. The assignment to sew a new bimini goes to Velas Linton in Las Palmas who has made a good offer and can do the job on-site in Las Palmas. They also have the opportunity to divide the invoice into a part that they will invoice Hallberg-Rassy and the rest that we will pay.

The day after we dock in Las Palmas, they come down to the boat and make measurements for the new bimini. They have sewn sun protection on biminis before and suggest the same solution to us. Zippers around the bimini where the sun protection is attached. They take the arches and the old bimini with them and promise to be ready in just over 1 week, ie in good time before the start. They also suggest that we mount the bimini frame on a sliding bracket, so that it can be adjusted 50 cm longitudinally. To stabilize the bimini laterally, they move the strap brackets on the frame approximately 2 dm inwards. This means that the straps that hold the bimini up, go obliquely inwards and stabilize the frame sideways.

They come back with the new bimini at the appointed time and set it up. It looks to fit perfectly, the canvas is completely stretched and it fits under the boom. Now they fit the holes that will attach the sun visors to the edge around the cockpit. They reuse the brackets that are already mounted for the regular cockpit cover.

Nice to have a good bimini and a big compliment to Hallberg-Rassy who takes their responsibility in this situation. It would have been even better if they had delivered a bimini that fits and does not collect water, I think such a thing should be easy to ensure.

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