Carriacou and Sandy Island

Before leaving Grenada for this season, we want to visit Sandy Island and Carriacou and we have the opportunity to do it while we wait for the delivery of spare parts for the generator.

Sandy Island

Outside Paradise Beach on Carriacou is a small sandy island with a fantastic sandy beach facing Carriacou. This means that it is protected from wind and swell, which makes it easy to land with the dinghy and to swim from the beach. Even though it is a paradise island, there is trash on the beach, and if we have the opportunity, we usually pick up things we can take back to the boat. We have a saying that we try to live by and that is to

Leave a place in better condition than when we got there


One day we took the dinghy to Paradise Beach to walk to Hillsborough which is the capital of Carriacou. It is very green on the islands here and the houses are often painted in sharp colors that are in stark contrast to the surroundings. We like all the colorful houses here in the Caribbean.

Hillsborough is a fairly typical town for the Grenadines, a main street that is surrounded by dilapidated houses on two levels. A lot of houses look more or less abandoned, in some, there is a small shop on the street level where they sell groceries, vegetables, or other stuff. There are also some small bars along the street. If the place is on the tourist map, there are usually also some more tourist-adapted bars and restaurants with space to sit outside under a roof, preferably towards the water. Here in Hillsborough, there are some such restaurants, Kayak is one of them, right on the water near the big pier.

When we walk back to Paradise Beach, the local bus between Hillsborough and Tyrell Bay stops and the driver asks if we want to go, we say yes, it’s getting very hot now and it’s a 40 min walk back.

Paradise Beach

On this beach, there are some bars and some sales of souvenirs and clothes. Paradise Beach Club is nice and has good food. When we were there they arranged sign painting and we were there with several other crews and had a beer and painted signs.

Tyrell Bay

This bay is a popular place for us who is sailing to Grenada. Here are 2 yards, a grocery store with a good assortment and customs so you can clear in or out of Grenada. We stay here for a few days on the way back to Grenada to fetch our spare parts.

Up next

Next time we will write about when we sail up to SVG and are in quarantine on Union Island.

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