Christmas on Union Island

Now there are only a few days left until Christmas Eve that we had first planned to celebrate on Petit Saint Vincent. But there we are not allowed to go ashore because the whole island is a resort that has different quarantine rules than the rest of the country. Instead, we’ll be celebrating somewhere on Union Island.

Frigate Island

Mirja and Håkan have been looking for a place to celebrate Christmas Eve and Sparrows Beach Club is open. Since there is no road down to Chatham Bay where we are, we move to the anchorage at Frigate Island off Ashton on Union Island.

The day before Christmas Eve, we take the opportunity to explore Ashton and its surroundings. Most of the houses here are nice and well maintained and as usual, people are friendly and happy to help if you ask about anything. Here are almost no tourists and just a few local bars where you can have a beer or a glass of rum. There are several smaller grocery stores. We found a lady selling fine vegetables inside her yard, so there we shopped vegetables several times while we were anchored out at Frigate Island.

Christmas on Sparrows Beach Club

On Christmas Eve, they come by car from Sparrows Beach Club and pick us up at the pier in Ashton. Sparrows Beach Club is located on the north side of the island, at a fine sandy beach with a protective reef outside. The driver have a lot of other business to take care of and after 30 minutes or so we arrived at the beach club. Now we got some nice hours at the beach before we should have dinner. There was a lot of time for swimming, snorkeling on the reef, and having a drink before it’s time for Christmas dinner on the beach.

Up next

Next time we sail to Petit Saint Vincent and take the opportunity to visit Mopion.

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