Petit Saint Vincent and Mopion

We visit Mopion (or Morpion as Google map says), a tiny sandy island in the reef north of Petit Saint Vincent. As so often this season, we sail in company with Mirja and Håkan on Flying Penguin from Stockholm. It will be some nice days with lots of sun and snorkeling on the reef.

The best way to get there is to either anchor inside the reef near Mopion or if you want to stay overnight, near Petit Saint Vincent. We prefer anchoring near Petit Saint Vincent because it is more sheltered there. Out at Mopion, only the larger boats or those who are just going to stay during the day anchor and want to be close to the island. We always make sure to drop the anchor in the sand for the best grip and to not damage the coral reef with our anchor and chain.

Petit Saint Vincent is located only 3 nautical miles from Frigate Island, so the journey here takes us less than an hour. We anchor at a depth of 3 meters just outside the resort and had it not been for the pandemic we would have been able to go ashore and visit the restaurant on the beach. We stay two nights and get some nice days out on Mopion where it takes 5-10 minutes to go with the dinghy. While we are here we are accompanied by Athene, a luxury cruiser with 3 masts. Both days they bring chairs, party tents, food, and drink. It gets a little crowded on the island. Fortunately, there are no other visitors here and there is room for everyone.

Up next

The next blog is about a planned New Year’s celebration on the Tobago Cays with grilled lobster at Romeo’s beach BBQ, but the weather did not allow that.

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