To Mayreau

Now the wind has decreased to 20 knots. It’s time to sail up to Mayreau and fulfill the promise of grilled lobster on the beach in Saline Bay together with Mirja and Håkan on Flying Penguin.

When we reach Saline Bay, swell from the northeast still reaches into the bay and we choose to anchor at the north end of the bay where the swell is least. This means that we get quite close to the ferry location and it is always fun to see how skillfully they dock with the old Norwegian ferries. The stern towards the jetty and an anchor in the bow. When the first ferry arrives, we notice that we have are very close to where they drop their anchor. I know that there will be ferries when it gets dark and then I do not want to be so close. We choose to move a bit so we get a little longer distance to the ferries.

Windward Bay

We’ve never been to the outside of Mayreau before, so we take a walk to the other side of the island where Windward Bay is located. There is a nice beach protected by a large coral reef. Occasionally there has been a boat here, but for some reason, the place has not become popular. The entry into the reef seems quite simple and is relatively protected. If we come here some more time, we will probably try to anchor in here. No swell as in Saline Bay. There are two bars/restaurants on the beach but they are closed now due to the pandemic.

Salt Whistle Bay

We also do a walk to Salt Whistle Bay on the north end of Mayreau, it is about 1 km to walk and an 80 m high mountain that we have to cross. The walk there offers an adorable view of the Grenadines and makes you thirsty enough to enjoy a local beer (Hairoun) at one of the bars available, both at Saline Bay and Salt Whistle Bay.

Fantastic restaurant and bar

In the village of Saline Bay, there is a fantastic restaurant and bar, Robert Righteous Restaurant and Bar. It is run by Robert and when we were there we were the only guests. Robert, who did not have much to do, sat down at our table completely sonic and we sat for a long time and shared experiences from our lives. He said he was born in Mayreau and built the restaurant for a long time. Right now life was tough, but he had some savings from before covid-19 that he lived off now. We can really recommend a visit to this unique restaurant.

Lobster BBQ

So it was finally time for grilled lobster on the beach in Saline Bay. Since last time we had looked for a place we wanted to be, but our host had other plans. We were placed between a closed bar and a shed with a view of the power plant in one direction and a better-used washing machine in the other direction. As so often here you can bring your own wine with the food, otherwise, he (unfortunately I do not remember the name of our host) had arranged with crockery and all accessories for the food. The food tasted very good, although the lobster was a little too chewy for my taste, maybe grilled a little too long. Anyway, it was a memorable evening and we had a nice time and at the end, the host sat down at our table and wondered if we could offer some wine, we gladly did. He said that while growing up he had a German woman who donated money to the family every month and he was very grateful for that.

The sunsets

We also got to watch some nice sunsets. It is always just as nice to sit in the boat and just wait for the sun to set and talk about everything or just sit quietly and enjoy.

Up next

In the next blog, we sail back to Frigate Island where we get a problem with the watermaker, the first major problem this season.

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