Tobago Cays one more time

Before leaving the Grenadines we wanted to return to the Tobago Cays and experience the islands, the atmosphere and enjoy a lobster grilled at Romeo’s Beach Restaurant on Petit Rameau, they are so good.


South of Mustique is Canouan, which also belongs to the Grenadines. An island we have not visited yet and we will not do so now either. We have sailed past the island several times on the way to and from Union Island and the Tobago Cays. The northern part of Canouan is privately owned and in the south, there is a small town, a marina, and an airport. From a distance, the area around the marina looks to be fairly developed with several new large houses and broken ground, not at all inviting to visit. It is possible to anchor in the bay on the west side, but there is no good dinghy pier to go ashore at, so there are usually never so many sailboats for anchor there and then it remains to go into the marina.

Tobago Cays

Wonderful, we can anchor in turquoise waters west of the strait between Petit Bateau and Petit Rameau. Here it is much more protected than at the anchorage out at Baradal and it is close to Romeos’s Beach BBQ which is located on Petit Rameau. Here is a turtle that systematically grazes grass on the bottom of the strait. It swims back and forth and at regular intervals, it comes up to the surface and breathes. Romeo’s Beach BBQ is open so we put the dinghy into the water and go ashore to book the lobster BBQ until tomorrow. On the way to the other beach on Petit Rameau, an Aloe Vera grows that has become the subject of people’s need to mark that they have been to a place. It is full of inscriptions on the leaves.


It is still quite windy when we are here, which means that the water out on the reef is still cloudy and we choose to refrain from snorkeling there. Instead, we enjoy being alone on the small sandy headland at Baradal where we just enjoy sitting in the warm water or snorkeling among the turtles grazing off the beach.

One last lobster BBQ at Romeo’s

After a few hours of relaxation and snorkeling at Baradal, it’s time for lobster BBQ! There are more people who are planning a party here today and someone has hired a local steel band to create a more Caribbean atmosphere, which is not so easy in a pandemic with demands for social distancing.

Up next

The time when we need to leave the Grenadines is relentlessly approaching and it is beginning to be time to think about changing countries, which requires some planning and preparation in these times.

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