On the hard in Lagos

Now we will leave Sally in Lagos while we go home to Sweden to enjoy the Swedish summer, meet children, grandchildren, friends and our parents. Lagos is an expensive port in high season, like most ports here in southern Europe, it is cheaper to put the boat ashore. In addition, we have planned to fix some things that need to be repaired or replaced, so it’s good to be at the shipyard.

We have a long list of things we have planned to fix during the time in Lagos, some we do ourselves and some will be done by the shipyard.

  • Clean the inside of the boat
  • Redo the seal between the windlass and the deck (something is corroding under the windlass)
  • Put new numbers in the sail
  • Fix the stern stay tensioner (the pressure gauge has stopped working )
  • Wash and impregnate bimini and sprayhood.
  • Wash sails and fix UV protection on the cutter jib.
    The UV-protection wears where the sheet to the genoa is
  • Washing carpets and mattresses
  • Repairing damaged teak on a cockpit bench
  • Polishing and treat hull and superstructure
  • Check cylinder head bolts and valves on engine and power plant
  • Replace all zinc anodes, they look good now but we will be in marinas with shore power and then there will be more wear on the anodes
  • Service of the outboard
  • Paint the propeller with Propspeed

We do not need to paint the bottom because the Micron 66 we painted on Grenada still looks good.

Work with sails, bimini, and sprayhood is done by Fofovelas here in Lagos. The yard has arranged a laundry firm to wash carpets and mattresses. The yard will fix the engine jobs, paint the propeller, polish, and new zinc. At first, I thought I needed a so-called ”project manager” to make sure everything happened on time, but we could save that cost. Ricardo at the yard would make sure to arrange everything at no extra cost to us.

The haul out went good, even though the pick-up point was shallow and lacked a floating bridge to dock against. This meant that they could only lift boats when the tide was high. The crane was just big enough for Sally, we were forced to back towards the crane and it was just possible to lift the boat without removing the aft stay.

Everything was not just about the boat job, we also took time to check out Lagos and the surrounding area (within walking distance) and meet with Maud and Tore on Song Of The Sea that we got to know during the sailing in the Caribbean.

Lagos has an old-style city center with many small alleys where it is easy to get lost. There are many restaurants with good food both in the marina, along the promenade, and in the city center. Here are fantastic small beaches below the high cliffs. Some beaches can only be reached by boat. On the west side of the marina, there is a long sandy beach, several km long.

Up Next

We will return to Lagos sometime in late September, then we will see if we sail in the Mediterranean before we sail down to the Canary Islands or if we stay in Lagos over the winter season. In any case, there will be a break in blogging until we have more to write about. Have a good time until we hear from you again!

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