La Linea and Gibraltar

We stay a few days in Spanish La Lìnea, right on the border with Gibraltar. Here, our bikes come in handy because the Alcaidesa Marina is located some distance from shops and restaurants. The bikes mean that in these few days we have time to visit Gibraltar, La Línea, and Puerto de La Atunara.

The marina area is vast and it is a long way to walk to the harbor office from the pier we are at, almost 1 km. When entering the city center, there is a shortcut past the colorful floating homes at the far end of the marina.

Along the eastern side of La Línea there is a long promenade from the border with Gibraltar up to a small fishing port of Puerto de La Atunara, at the top of the map over La Lìnea. There are some hotels along the beach, but otherwise most scattered houses and we got a bit of a deserted feeling. The only worth seeing we discovered is a small nice church near the fishing port. I can imagine that it is better here during the tourist season, when there are more people here and maybe more open restaurants along the walkway.

The city, La Línea, has a city center with a lot of restaurants and bars if you fancy eating out. The nearest slightly more well-stocked grocery store was Mercadona inside the city. We do not have much more to write about La Línea, felt like an ordinary Spanish city without so much tourism and we did not take a single photo while there!

In Gibraltar, it is cheap to refuel with diesel, and many boats that pass here take the opportunity to fill their tanks, and so did we. We contacted Cepsa and tried to book an appointment, but it was not necessary, just go there. We took advantage of a day when it was not windy and we were lucky that there was free space at the diesel pump. We were back at the marina after just over an hour with a full tank, smoothly. It only cost a Euro per liter.

We took the bikes to Gibraltar a few times and it was an uncomplicated border crossing, passport and face mask were needed. Unlike La Línea, Gibraltar was buzzing with activity, with a lot of people everywhere. Even though we were here at the end of November, it was possible to sit outside and eat where the sun came to warm us. The tourist shops are close to each other on the main street and attract with cheap electronics and spirits.

We also have time for a visit to the newly built floating district, Ocean Village, which is dominated by the hotel ship Sunborn on the north side towards the airport. From the sky bar at Sunborn, you have a nice view of the city of Gibraltar and can enjoy a glass of bubbly while the sun goes down.

Up next

We make a long day sailing to Cadiz, just over 70 nautical miles, and we need to adapt the passage of the Strait of Gibraltar with the tide. So when the wind allows us to untie the ropes, it will be an early departure from La Linea

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