Swell in Porto

July 25, 2019

During our stay in Porto a low pressure with winds up to 40-50 knots, was moving NE some 500 M off the coast of Portugal on Wednesday July 24. During the afternoon the day after the passage, a 3-4 m swell from the low pressure reach Douro river and as long as the tidal level was low, the harbor wasn’t affected that much. I think the swell loose energy on the 6 m river bar. However, when the tidal level increased (approx with 2 m) during the evening, more and more swell pass the bar. There was no visible waves in the harbor, the only visible sign of the swell was that Sally and the other boats start dancing with the finger pontoon it was docked at. Continue reading “Swell in Porto”

Boom bang

14 July 2019

We started the trip from Camarinas in Ria de Camarinas under a cloudy sky with light wind from NNE (8-10 knots). We got a pleasant sail out of the ria and then we should change course to SW to round Punta de Sualba before going south to pass Finisterre. Out in the open sea there was a 2 m swell rolling in from NW causing a lot of rolling motion resulting in flapping sails since the wind was to light to keep the pressure while going downwind. Continue reading “Boom bang”

IridiumGo Unlimited

Thought I would share my experiences from purchasing an IridiumGo Unlimited subscription last year when we planned to sail to Shetland and Scotland. Since I have been a customer to CTV Service for many years purchasing electronic charts and some other communication equipment such an IridiumGo, it was easy to contact them in this matter as well. They offered an unlimited subscription and the only option according to CTV Service was a 12-month subscription with a monthly cost of 155 USD. Continue reading “IridiumGo Unlimited”

How we lost the drone


I promised to tell more about the DJI Mavic that I crashed into Skagerak during our trip to Norway 2018.

It was a perfect day for some drone footage of Sally while broad reaching in 15 knots of wind from north east.

I have searched YouTube for videos of how to start a drone from a boat but at that time I didn’t find any, there was some videos of how to land a drone on a moving platform. So that part of the flight was pretty clear, fly parallel with the boat and catch the drone from below.

Continue reading “How we lost the drone”