A day of contrasts

Finally, and very fast, came May 19, when we planned to sail away. Were we done with everything? Absolutely not! Lucky we had listened to other long-distance sailors, who said that the only way to get away is to set a date and then go regardless of the finish or not. The rest is allowed to get fixed on the way. Otherwise, we would probably have stayed home a few more weeks, at least.

But now the day to leave was here. After many years of dreams and long-term planning, and last year’s more detailed planning, it was time. First, we wanted a traditional farewell party. Is there an English word for ”avseglarfest”?

Despite the threat of both strong winds and rain, it was a wonderfully sunny and warm day when we left the dock. Thank you all who came ♥ ️ and thank you for all the gifts. Now the boat is filled with all kinds of goodies, diversions, and ”good to have things” Hope you had as nice as we had.

The departure was set for 11 am on May 19. The sun was shining that day as well, and we were expecting weak broad reach winds on our trip south. Pleasant journey in other words, and we were wondering if we would add for the night in Denmark, or even continue directly towards Kiel. The weather was so promising!

But …. after a few hours, fog, thick, icy, damp fog pulls in. The wind turns a little to the south, enough for it to be against instead of a beam reach. In addition, it increases to 20 knots (10 m/s).

With ice-cold and a boat against the wind, up and down the waves, it quickly became like this …

Sally and Jonas, on the other hand, enjoyed themselves. Sally actually took the wind and waves well and took us safely forward. Jonas was happy, shoveled, steered, and loved that we rushed forward. Seeing Jonas’ happy smile when we sat there with our bags …. hmm..was almost a bit provocative, but at the same time very nice that someone was in shape to sail.

To continue overnight to Kiel, of course, was excluded. The ice cubes Calle and Carina demanded to dock in the nearest port which was Klintholm on Mön, a small idyllic village near Mön’s cliff. Sleep peacefully, warmly, and comfortably that night.

Lots of love, Carina


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  1. Hej Sailing Sally! Vi från Cavatina öbskar er fair winds and best of times. Ska bli roligt att följa er. Vi kommer snart efter. Är nu i slutspurten av allt fixande. Vi lämnar Oxelösund 15/6. Vi har nu också en blog, Cavatina46.se. Hoppas att vi stöter på varandra under färden söderut.
    Kramar från Cavatina(fd Elsa of Sweden)

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