In Denmark

The next morning in Klintholm we had to move. A German TV team was to record a crime drama on our bridge and did not want us to join. It would be problematic for them if we were in the first scene, and then not in the next if we left. Too bad, there disappeared our chance to become movie stars. Now we will never know if we would be successful!!

We stay a few days in Klintholm to get all things ready in the boat. Everything was not packed before we left Limhamn and we are lucky with the weather which is sunny and no rain.

We sail on to Stubbeköping on Falster. That we choose the slightly longer route in the archipelago north of Falster and Lolland is due to the fact that even stronger westerly winds and rain are expected. This May must be one of the coldest and low-pressure intensive months ever, at least it feels that way now.

Calle, who would have been with us for 2-3 weeks, now began to regret it. Seasickness is not fun. So now he disembarks and takes the bus/train home to Malmö again.

After a couple of nights here with more boat fix, the winds are expected to be a little nicer and we decide to move further west and south the next day. Admittedly headwind, but sun, so it should probably go well. The destination is Bagenkop on Langeland, south of Fyn. I wake up at 06 of Jonas starting the engine! Looks out, sees that there is silence, and asks if he needs my help. It’s not needed, so I fall asleep for a couple of hours. Phew!

The engine is running almost all day. When I wake up the wind has increased and is head-wind, it’s a bumpy ride, but the boat takes the waves nicely. The sun is shining, which does wonders for the mood, and soon the wind also settles and Sally moves calmly forward. So when we reach Bagenkop in the afternoon we change and continue towards Kiel which is only about 4 hours away.

Where the Kiel Canal locks await!!!!

On the way over, Jonas manages to get a curious porpoise in the picture.

Hugs Carina

In the next blog, we write how it was in Kiel …


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  1. Efter en del krångel med inloggning för att lämna kommentarer är vi med er på färden. Lösenord som har glömts bort och mail som inte är aktuella. Inte lätt att vara digitala 😎. Börja med sjösjuka, kyla och dimma kan bara bli bättre. Och vad gör det när ni har all tid i världen och inga tider att passa. Vi kommer följa allt på ert äventyr 😃

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