In Kiel

We arrived in Kiel around 20 and the anchor schnapps is served as soon as we are docked at the bridge in the KYC harbour.

We managed to get a perfect place at KYC (Kiel Yacht Club) just below their historic restaurant, which according to the guidebooks we (Carina 😉) read should be a must-visit.

Since it is our 32nd wedding anniversary today, which we celebrated during the crossing by eating heated leftovers, wedding dinner at KYC is high on my wish list for tomorrow 🙂

World War II hit the city hard, and it shows in all the new buildings, which unfortunately also makes the city quite uncharming. The fact that it is also quite cold makes it difficult for the city to show off its best side. All the cafes and bars along the promenade are mostly empty, and a cold good German beer is out of the question. We, on the other hand, cycle to the locks and spend a couple of hours watching the procedure. We like to be well prepared.

Then we still have a lot to do on the boat. It’s like moving into a new home. We move around stuff until we have found the right place for them, install other stuff, read and learn about how new things on the boat work, and so on.

Like for example. the baking machine, this year’s Christmas gift 1988. Fantastic, why did it not break through more 😀

And a printer is always good to have.


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  1. Nytt försök att med inloggningar och hitta lösenord som inte använts på evigheter lämna spår på av att vi följer er hela vägen 😃. Roligt att läsa om det lilla som bakmaskin till det stora som containerfartyg och tur dom inte var två hundra. Vi antar ni har en härlig känsla från vardag till frihet som också kommer bli en vardag men betydligt mer varierande. Var rädda om er. Kram och Janne som har full koll var ni är. Nu är ni lokaliserade i borkum.


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