Sailing Sally on internet

Sailing Sally uses the internet to share and inspire other people from our journey, we also hope that we get contacts in the sailing community and on the places we sail to. In this post, I will try to give an overview of the different sites and services we use.

  • This WordPress site
    Blog posts about us, our boat and our journey, on the About page you can read how we categorize and tag our posts. We will also put photos and links to our YouTube videos here. You can comment on our posts and you have to log in to do that. You can log in with an account from Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or Google.
  • YouTube channel Sailing Sally
    Publish videos from our journey. You can comment and share videos.
  • Facebook page Sailing Sally
    Public page on Facebook where we tell about events and make status updates. Open for everyone to follow and respond to.
  • Instagram, Sailing Sally
    Share images from our journey, open for everyone to follow.
  • Twitter, Sailing Sally
    Open for everyone to follow, used for short notices about status updates and events for Sailing Sally.
  • Patreon, Sailing Sally
    For future use if we need support to continue sharing from our journey.

That’s all for now on this topic, hope I succeeded to give an overview of our channels on internet.

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