The rias of Galicia, part 2

Today we move on to the next bay in Ria de Muros. We continue with sway anchorage and have the village of Muros within reach for the dinghy. Sally is an almost invisible dot below the green mountain in the featured photo.

In Muros, there was no problem finding a place for dinghy and getting dry ashore.

Since we came to Spain we have heard bangs like bombs, shots from machine guns, and seen smoke rising up here and there in the wilderness over forest edges. Does Spain have an unusually active military? We don’t know but bangs it does. When we later entered Portugal, it ceases.

In Muros, on the other hand, we get double up on banging. Spain is a world leader on holidays and celebrating its saints. And now it was time for ”Virgin del Carmen”, a fiesta for three days, and it was noticed!!! At 22.30 the first evening they burnt 12 cannon shots that echo between the mountains, then live music starts from two very large scenes, which are opposite to each other on the harbor quay. We guess there are two scenes to avoid silence as they change between the artists. At 5 o’clock in the morning, I manage to fall asleep, despite the music coming from the two scenes.

When we go in for dinner one day we end up in the middle of a Spanish TV recording. But unfortunately, we don’t become stars this time either. You who have followed the blog may remember that it was close in Klintholm as well.

The next night it was the end of the fiesta, and of course, a giant firework for at least 15 minutes was deployed, and then ….. concert again until …. do not know, fell asleep before 4 this night.

Muros was a nice little town, alive with cafes and restaurants and lots of very old houses. Fun to walk around in.

After three nights we leave this Ria and sailed to the next, Ria de Arousa. Here we choose to anchor off Palmeira and a wonderful sandy beach.

We spend most of the time on the boat and on the beach since we were quite satisfied walking in picturesque Spanish villages. It’s nice to just relax, and good food can always be fixed on board.

After a couple of lazy days, it is time for sailing again, which just gets nicer and more beautiful.

We had good anchorage, although this came with the anchor up when we cast off.

On this coast, it is often fog in the morning and early afternoon, and then it makes no sense to leave. Which means .. ………. stay in bed a bit longer in the morning 🙂

Then the sky becomes blue, and the wind picks up a bit, and afternoons and evenings are wonderful.

Jonas takes it easy while I have full control. Then coffee together on the aft deck while GOTO: which strenuously hangs on

We often have dolphins swimming by the boat, you always get happy to see them and never get tired of watching them. But here we were sad, a dead dolphin floated a few meters from the boat.

Next ria becomes the Ria de Vigo, where we anchor off the beach of Praia de Barra. It turns out to be a nudist beach and most are naked even on their boats. So, of course, we also have to improve on the non-existent tan on the entire body.

We never go to the beach, far too many people, but take a trip along the coast and into Cangas which is about 5 distances away. Luckily, we invested in a strong motor for the dinghy that quickly and easily can take us so far. Even when there is a little headwind and the waves are big for a little dinghy. Finds a good spot for dinghy, eats mussels and octopus (again :)) and goes for a walk around town.

It’s nice days, and in the evening Vigo shines beautifully on the other side of rian.

Now we will soon carry on to Portugal and Porto, but I hope we can come back to Galicia and all these rias with their bathing bays and cozy little villages. So beautiful, lovely beaches and wonderful food if you love seafood. Strangely no sangria or paella, but we do not miss it


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  1. Härliga kort och det ser inte alltför jobbigt ut 😎. Förstår att livet är ganska ok och avslappnat. Kramar från oss båda


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