Atlantic crossing 2019, second week

02-12-2019, 19º 26.032N 29º 40.678W
In the trade winds

Last night we got a couple of hours of wind above 10 knots, after that it was a night with flapping sails and bad sleep due to all noise generated by the sails. Now we are below 20 degrees north and where the trade winds begin to blow mainly from NE and it is now around 15 knots and we begin to see larger swell. I have started to finish up the first videos from our trip down to Canary Islands.

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Swell in Porto

July 25, 2019

During our stay in Porto a low pressure with winds up to 40-50 knots, was moving NE some 500 M off the coast of Portugal on Wednesday July 24. During the afternoon the day after the passage, a 3-4 m swell from the low pressure reach Douro river and as long as the tidal level was low, the harbor wasn’t affected that much. I think the swell loose energy on the 6 m river bar. However, when the tidal level increased (approx with 2 m) during the evening, more and more swell pass the bar. There was no visible waves in the harbor, the only visible sign of the swell was that Sally and the other boats start dancing with the finger pontoon it was docked at. Continue reading “Swell in Porto”

Boom bang

14 July 2019

We started the trip from Camarinas in Ria de Camarinas under a cloudy sky with light wind from NNE (8-10 knots). We got a pleasant sail out of the ria and then we should change course to SW to round Punta de Sualba before going south to pass Finisterre. Out in the open sea there was a 2 m swell rolling in from NW causing a lot of rolling motion resulting in flapping sails since the wind was to light to keep the pressure while going downwind. Continue reading “Boom bang”